About CMC-Canada

The Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada) fosters excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession as a whole. CMC-Canada administers, and its provincial Institutes confer, the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation in Canada. The Association and its 2000+ members advocate for the CMC designation and are dedicated to advancing the profession and delivering the benefits of those efforts to the client community.


CMC-Canada is a founding member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), now CMC-Global

Our Mission

To advance the practice and profile of management consulting in Canada through education and certification of consultants, promotion of ethical standards and professional competency, and advocacy for the profession in public and government settings.


Our Story

2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada). 

In 1963, after many years of committee work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Quebec, and meetings between senior representatives of the largest accounting firms and major consulting practices, it was agreed that there was much to gain by working together to build and standardize the emerging profession of management consulting.  

From those initial meetings in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, the movement to professionalize management consulting began... download 'Stopwatch to Strategy' - the first 25 years of CMC-Canada...

Annual Reports

CMC-Canada continues to focus on offering professional development programming, networking, connections, awareness, and related activities that generate revenue, and are inherently attractive to interest new and different individuals to the organization. 


Latest: 2017-2018 Annual Report


Past Reports
2016-2017 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report: Expanding our Reach

2014-2015 Annual Report: Strengthening our Consulting Community

2013-2014 Annual Report: Growing Your Business

2012-2013 Annual Report: Engage and Promote

2011-2012 Annual Report: Building a Stronger Designation for a Stronger You

2010-2011 Annual Report: Regional Support and Building Awareness

2009-2010 Annual Report: Raising The Bar

2008-2009 Annual Report: Asking the Right Questions

2007-2008 Annual Report: Building Something Greater

2006-2007 Annual Report: Ensuring a Higher Level of Management Consulting

Strategic Plans

With the harsh economic environment we all faced, compounded by strong demographic changes, a refresh / rethink was required. The result? The Board has approved a new 4-year strategy that rests upon four strategic pillars to build a stronger association.  

Download: 2013-2016 Strategic Plan


Association Bylaws

Download CMC-Canada's Bylaws here.